Collection: Wall & Ceiling Panels

Celebrate the authenticity of natural wood with our range of wall and ceiling panels, specially designed for installation on walls, ceilings or to complement bespoke furniture. Our wood slats bring a textural richness that enhances every interior concept, available in a variety of hardwood veneers such as Birch, White Oak, and American Black Walnut.

Set the stage for a warm, character-filled atmosphere in your residential, commercial or institutional spaces. In addition to their visual beauty, our wood panels help reduce noise pollution to create a more peaceful, friendly environment.

Inspired by nature, our architectural wood panels are made of solid wood slats. Easy to integrate, they can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the desired style. Choose from a selection of wood species such as Aspen, Cherry, White Ash, White Oak and American Black Walnut. Enhance your space with our architectural wood solutions.