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Large beams and posts - Linear collection

Large beams and posts - Linear collection

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Elevate your expansive interiors with the LINEAR collection, where each large beam and post synergizes to craft a sophisticated claustra, artfully partitioning vast open areas. Imagine an array of these posts, each independently secured to the floor and ceiling, arrayed in rows to shape an enclave of intimacy and warmth without sacrificing the grandeur of your open space.

Selected from an array of authentic hardwood veneers, such as the refined birch, the noble white oak, and the deep-toned American Black Walnut, this collection brings the essence of the forest into your architectural designs. Tailor your space with our versatile sizing options, including the sturdy 2”x4” and the more substantial 2”x6” (available soon), each cut to a standard length of 108’’ for a commanding presence.

The LINEAR collection is your answer to crafting spaces that breathe—encouraging flow and interaction while still providing secluded nooks bathed in natural light. Perfect for creating that delicate balance between openness and privacy, these elements are sold individually, allowing for personalized configurations. Transform your interiors into an architectural ballet of light and shadow, where functionality meets organic elegance.

  • Standard dimension: 2-1/16 in. x 4 in. x 108 in.
  • Fire-retardant treatment:
    • CAN/ULC S102 (Canada)
    • Class A per ASTM E-84 (USA)
  • Available on request:
    • Beam length: 96" 
    • Beam length: 120" 
  • Available soon:
    • Dimension: 2-1/16'' x 5-5/8'' x 108''
    • Wood type: Walnut

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