About us

Our Company

 Welcome to Boiswood, the start-up where wood isn't just a material, but a rising star! Here, we turn local wood into dazzling gems for your home. Think of us as matchmakers in the world of wood, always creating perfect pairings with different wood species – and guess what? It's fluid!

 Our Story

 Picture three friends armed with a slightly crazy idea and a whole lot of coffee: turning discarded wood scraps destined for oblivion into stylish objects. Our favorites? Oak, maple, and the regal walnut. Essentially, we're the Cupids of woodcraft, pairing these beautiful pieces with designs that fit them like a glove.

Initially, it was all about high-end butcher blocks and cutting boards so chic you’d think twice before using them. Then, our journey expanded: coasters that would make your coffee table envious, serving trays deserving of a standing ovation, and salt-pepper sets so elegant, they could strut down a fashion runway.

 Moving on, expanding our horizons (and caffeine levels), we ventured into the realm of designer moldings and wall coverings with more personality than your noisy neighbor. Boiswood's tale is that of a small idea that grew, grows, and continues to flourish.

 Our Vision

 At Boiswood, wood is our playground, and we take our eco-responsibility seriously. We use eco-friendly glue and recycle like champions. Our sawdust? It doesn’t go to waste; it's transformed into energy pellets.

 In every nook of your home, our mission is to infuse a touch of nature with a dash of style. We constantly refresh our collection, ensuring your home is as unique and full of character as our creations. Boiswood is the start-up where wood reigns supreme, and every piece tells a story - sometimes funny, always charming. Welcome to our woody wonderland!