Collection: Wooded BBQ Scraper

Introducing our exclusive wooden BBQ scraper collection, designed for the modern grill master who values safety, functionality, and eco-conscious living. Crafted from high-quality, hardwood, our BBQ scrapers offer a safe and effective alternative to traditional wire brushes. Engineered to conform to your grill's unique grate pattern over time, these wooden scrapers ensure a cleaner and healthier grilling experience.


  • Selected woods for their hardness.
  • Eliminates the risks associated with metal bristle brushes
  • Molds to your grill's specific grate pattern for a customized clean
  • Engrave motivational catch phrases directly on them.

Upgrade your BBQ toolkit with our Wooden BBQ Scrapers and enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable grilling experience. Ideal for those who are passionate about quality, safety, and environmental sustainability in their outdoor cooking adventures.